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Experience the best outdoor activities in Bangkok have never been easier!

Enjoy either of our awesome activities:

  • Cable Skiing/Wakeboarding
  • Inflatable Aqua Park
  • Stand Up Paddling
  • Junior Motor Cross
  • Jet Skiing

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July Activity – SUP in the Chaopraya River


Fun morning at Zanook I arrived shortly after the opening on a Saturday and we were just 3 on the water! Also got half price as a first timer and good condition rental gears. Awesome coaches who gave me lot of advice on new tricks and waterstarts. They come pick you up in a thai…

Margot Mesnard

We visited the park today and absolutely loved it. The staff were EXTREMELY helpful, great features, clean facilities and good food and drinks! My husband and 8 year old son enjoyed the wakeboarding and knee boarding as well as the Aqua Park. This place definitely has a lot to offer!

Ashley Phifer

Great water sport complex!! I had fun with wakeboarding. I just started and having a good time with it. I met my good teacher P’Neung and everyone there are so friendly! I rated 5 but it wasn’t enough that I wish to give.

พีรณัฐ จันทรมานันท์